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What is the other gene? But according to Zietsch, this study was very small compared to similar studies, which often include more thanpeople. What genes did they find and what do they do? To be honest, I think the better question is, if you do care, why? Because politicians rather look out for profit than for humanity. One possible explanation for why it is, they say, is that the same genetic factors also give a reproductive advantage to straight people who have them. The hunt for sexual orientation genes—which wades into the polarizing question of whether people are born gay or become so—is part of a boom in genomics research that aims to unveil how genes shape behavior, not just diseases.

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We have known for decades that sexual orientation is partly heritable in men, thanks to studies of families in which some people are straight and some people are gay. Thus, we began the search to find out what makes someone a homosexual. Such a feeling may fuel prejudice. Other research has found that this gene, called SLITRK6is active in the hypothalamus of male mice fetuses a few days before they are born.

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