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Allami then applied for permanent residency -- known as a greencard -- as Hrebid's husband. The feeling was amazing. Despite the time difference, they did their best to maintain a "normal" relationship. When we would meet on vacation together, we go to a different city where no one recognized us. Inside their home, black and white photos of their wedding day line the walls.

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A return home now included the risk of arrest by the military for desertion.

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2 Gay Iraqi Soldiers Found Love Amid War. Then The Death Threats Started.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Hrebid's application was approved eight months later. We have to act, we have to just lie. Other days, he'd send Allami long letters describing his undying love. Christine Matthews, a deputy director for the UN refugee agency, said last year they used the gaps in Allami's case as a learning experience. After that first kiss, for two days, I did not eat anything.

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Iraq is not a country where same-sex attraction is discussed in the open. In Marchnearly three years after he escaped from Iraq, Canada said yes. Hrebid and Allami look over letters they wrote to each other when they were separated. How does that make you feel? One day, while at a party, Hrebid met activist Michael Failla and told him about his relationship with Allami. Eventually, you both decide you have to leave Iraq and try to go to America.

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