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Special Projects. While the serious and dedicated Gravity Kid made the cut, Power Boy was rejected. Footloose vegan pacifist Karolina Dean and Xavin came together in Marvel's Runawaysa title about alienated youth, and eventually the duo fell in love. Now before you go making jokes about big screen Wolvie Hugh Jackman, keep in mind this relationship between muscle daddies Wolverine and Hercules occurs in a series that's not part of the larger, canonical Marvel Universe. HuffPost Personal. If somehow something manages to piece his orange hide, he does bleed, and we can safely assume all the inside bits are the same.

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The military? Strange, Superman and Captain America baring their oiled, rippled physiques in either tight jockey shorts or skintight spandex and wearing come hither looks more common in gay magazines like Blue Boy than, say, the pages of "Superboy. However, apparently X-Men: Does Marvel have such tight grip on their overall universe that we will never get to see all of the things that were left on the cutting room floor?

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X-Men makes too much money for Fox to shelve it for long, and a new X-Men movie franchise means the possibility of a new Iceman.

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