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Would any good guy whose personality fit with mine really discard me purely because of my weight? Three weeks earlier, Hank had been sat at the wedding of his best friend Bill. It had been a stroke of genius finding all this dirt on Madam Azarov, the infamous back-street mystic and man-hater. The local clothing manufacturer, ChubbWear was looking to expand their teenage clothing line and had advertized for some slender children who would gain weight I wanted to feel this sensation forever—it was incredible. You are the sexiest man in the world.

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I set down the free weights and puffed in and out for a moment.

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He kept imagining he felt his belly expanding, but would look down to discover it looked exactly the same. He looked down at himself, his overfed, soft tummy starting to sit in his lap, the fat spreading like a tire around his stomach and creating a fold where it met his softening chest. He busted in through his front door, quickly making his way to the bathroom. However, Ned then came to a pair of pants where the size was printed on the inside waistband. The first night with my family, my brother seemed fixated on my weight.

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He had always lusted after that body and now he was just as fat! His gut was a bit bigger than I remembered. Kevin's mom read the ad several times and decided it just might be the thing for her 12 year old son. Now, here he was, all trained up and ready to be unleashed to make mayhem upon the world of humans. I live in the same house as before.

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