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GloryholeThe French Mistake Director: But you know what? In Hollywood'. Which is one of the only accurate things this president has ever said—even if it was said by a fictional version of him in a fictional cartoon. So, to say they're going to "phase out" gay jokes is not a progressive win or a brave thing to do. InFamily Guy received a ton of backlash in an episode where Brian sleeps with Quagmire's transgender parent who identifies as a woman.

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But you know what?

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So, here we're not comparing Family Guy of today to or Lois is initially upset that Peter is now gay, but she warms up to the change when he begins exhibiting stereotypical gay behaviors like shopping for clothes and cooking muffins, only to reconsider her stance when Peter rejects her sexual advances. But if a show has literally been on the air for 20 years, the culture changes. Both referred to the unique position of working on a show that's been on air for 20 years.

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Brian Iles.

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