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The third floor also has a nearly pitch black maze with a collection of benches to trip over. That whole cliche of big, hairy guys being tops and slender, twinky guys being bottoms is bullshit. Some are straight and comfortable enough to brush off advances. Now go out, find your global rainbow family and don't forget to share your best gay stories with us on FacebookTwitterand Instagram We are not prudes, we are sex-positive and encourage everyone who is curious to visit a gay sauna and see what they are all about.

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There are also themed nights and parties include full-naked, gang-bang, lights off, kink and more.

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If that is not enough — sometimes set days are set for specific types of gay men, meaning you are more likely to find just what you are looking for. Yes, even in these palaces of pleasure, rules apply. Now for the most part everyone wraps a towel around heir waist while they walk around, but if you are uncomfortable at the sight of a stranger's penis then you may want to skip walking in to begin with. Or maybe just forget it all and go for a last minute cruise or effortless tour instead?

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People travel from all over the world to come party in this city.

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