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However, concerns in the Western world about the effects on boys and men from eating soy foods have been raised repeatedly and addressed in numerous laboratory and population studies. Although not consistent throughout childhood, early-life soy exposure was associated with less female-typical play behavior in girls at 42 months of age. Related Weil Products Weil Vitamin Advisor for Energy If you are a parent or grandparent, you know that abundant energy is vital when it comes to keeping up with the kids. Canada will soon legalize edibles—and the market is enormous. Duration of breast-feeding has previously been associated with feminized play behavior in girls but not in boys Sandberg et al. We now know, thanks to scientific evidence, that many things can make a person gay:

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It should be noted that animal research studies into soy are irrelevant to human health, [36] particularly because soy is metabolized differently in humans and in rats.

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Can Soy Feminize a Boy?

Soybeans don't contain estrogen -- they contain phytoestrogensand the difference is important. British journal of cancer, 83 1 We studied 3, boys and 3, girls. Instead of getting a random sample of the population and artificially increasing or decreasing their soy or isoflavone intake, researchers instead observed the current health and current diets of a subset of the population. What Trudeau said about Jody Wilson-Raybould: Child Dev 73 6 pp.

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Our findings among early soy-exposed girls are supported by a modest literature. Estrogen and apoptosis in the developing sexually dimorphic preoptic area in female rats. The literature broadly suggests soy products may have a negative affect on male fertility. Human reproduction update, Voodoo medicine can and does work when you reach the right people with a message that hits them in the wallet, purse, or budget.

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