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The reason for that is simple: To him, Philmont is still an adventure. He moves effortlessly from phone calls with donors to figuring out how to disassemble a mud wagon so it can be brought into the new gallery to detailed conversations about the width of plywood at weekly construction meetings. The BSA seemed to bask in its anti-gay victory, and after two months of self-finding on the Philmont trail, I quit in protest two weeks before the end of the summer. And maybe it had something to do with their penchant for vast conspiracy theories, not the least of which involved a tremendous fear that the exhaust-laden contrails streaking across the sky from various commercial Airbuses and Boeings were in fact " chemtrails " of poison being sprayed upon the Taos Valley by black military jets sent there by the Bush administration. He was at an airport recently, wearing a belt buckle with the Philmont Scout Ranch logo and name. Not saying that the guys at those other camps mentioned were bad they were just so busy that you never really got to know them well compared to Black Mountain.

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That was especially true during the summer of when the Supreme Court decided the James Dale case in favor of the Boy Scouts, which inevitably meant staff who would rather not see the BSA kick out gay leaders with abandon and fire gay Phil-staffers for being honest about their identity for failing to uphold the "aims and ideals of Scouting" were told to check their politics at the front gate.

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Silver on the sage, twilight skies above

Other Offers Already a subscriber? I still revere the place and harbor warm feelings for the people I worked with and my experiences at Philmont, where rangers this summer will spend June, July and August hiking Rayado Canyon, climbing 12, foot Mt. There may be an issue with the delivery of your newspaper. Cradled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the ranch lies in the transition zone between the Rocky Mountains and the prairies that stretch forever eastward. Visitors can see historic interiors, an orchard, a tack room, and even a small family cemetery.

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The Philmont summer staff had arrived only weeks before when fire broke out near Ute Park, roaring across 37, acres and destroying a dozen Philmont buildings—none of them occupied or critical to the Scouting program. Not just displays do I see, but visitors, too, looking perhaps for the uniform they remember from their youth, and the smile that hits their face when the memories return. Very scenic area, beautiful trail leading there. The stream and cliffs are quite beautiful, but the trails are wet and full of debris and the sites are too small. And going up to the pilot-bombadier feels like climbing Baldy all over again.