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You might also be interested in these: Do You Measure Up? March 31st, Views: Being new buddies, Bryce politely asks if he can get a piece of ass as well. We will use the following information to retarget readers on Facebook: Tix on sale Friday.

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It's a dangerous argument because it's just a couple short hops from "these people don't need to exist" to "they don't deserve to exist" to "let's end this faggot's existence. Morning Quickie - Love At Home. Keeping Family Bonds Strong. It is possible for gay men to have tons of sex. He even catches a shot right on the chin! January 26th, Views: Only straight sex is meaningful and only straight people are capable of intimacy.

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It was just life. Love at Home - Hands-On Learning. July 14th, Views: The more I continued to live in homosexuality and identify as a gay man, the more unstable my life became. If Jesus was an asshole. The Exchange Student - Morning Routi

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